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work from home content writing jobs

One of the many ways that technology has swiftly changed the working world is with the availability of careers in which one works entirely from home.  The benefits when the savings of both time and money just by eliminating a daily commute alone can make this the most attractive option for workers and employers.  Add in the cost cuts of eating out, wardrobe expense, and, for many parents, the potential reduction of child care hours, planning a career path that includes the ability to work from home is becoming an increasingly attractive option for everyone.

Writing jobs are one of the most common types of jobs being performed at home today.  Having an expertise in one or more specific areas can open the door to writers seeking the opportunity to work from home.  General knowledge on a wide variety of topics is a great starting place for the person seeking a content writing position working from home, as well.  Freelance writing opportunities have become as common, if not more common, than employer specific  writing positions at home.   For a person with writing skills and a desire to work at home, the internet is full of assignments waiting fulfillment.[more…]

Part-time content writing jobs

Part-time content writing jobs at home can be a nice source of secondary income for the writer seeking to work from home, or a great starting place to begin freelance writing jobs as a full time career.  There are many companies found on the internet employing content writers to fulfill their needs for a broad range of articles in a variety of lengths and styles.  These assignments may originate from a variety of places: corporations needing a quickly produced article for a press release, a fledgling web-zine, or websites without a regular writing staff.  Writers with a specific expertise should make certain to sell that aspect, as it can increase desirability and lead to a higher pay rate.

work from home content writing jobs

Content writers are typically given specific topics and keywords to use a specified number of times in the article.  Keywords are crucial elements for search engines, and information on the internet is lost to the public unless it is findable through the major search engines.  The articles should be reasonable and accessible to the general public and occasionally clients will request a conversational tone or humorous approach.  Creative writing skills are employed daily for content writers and developing good articles can lead to a wider audience, which will lead to more assignments and higher pay rates.

When seeking work from home content writing jobs, good writing samples are crucial.  Writers should display their ability to write concisely and grammatically while being informative and topical.  Freelance content writing jobs normally have strict deadlines, so writers should be reliable when it comes to deadlines.  Be ready to research when necessary and pay close attention to client instructions regarding style and required content.  Use keywords as requested, stay within the word count limits, and, as always, proofread carefully.  There may or may not be copy editors involved in the process, so your work must be as close to perfection as possible before submission.

Online Medical Writing Jobs

Content writing jobs are not the only at home article writing jobs available, though.  Retired doctors and nurses, stay-at-home parents with a medical background, or others with medical expertise may try online medical writing from home.  Articles on health-related topics are often needed by pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical equipment or supplies, and websites focused on general health or specific health issues.  The demand for medical writing professionals is growing, so people with the skills to write grammatically and scientifically correct articles on medical topics are in an excellent position to begin a home-based career fulfilling this need.

An internet search for medical writing jobs provides links to freelance boards as well as specific companies hiring individuals for full-time employment.  A Bachelors degree, at minimum, is typically required and employers may require links to previously published work online to go along with background checks.

Due to the high value of accuracy in medical information, a writer seeking a job as an online medical writer should anticipate a thorough background check.  Writing samples are important, but references and credentials should be impeccable, as well.

Technical Writing Jobs

Writers with an English degree or those with a degree in a specialized field often take extra courses in technical communication in order to perform technical writing jobs at home.  Employers hire, or seek freelance technical writers, to create documents, manuals, or to help develop information architecture for companies of all sizes.  Technical writing jobs typically require an intimate familiarity with the product, field, or topic and stylistically adhere to special from home content writing jobs

Freelance technical writing jobs at home satisfy the writer who enjoys analytical detail more than creativity and often appeals to those with a background in engineering, information technology, or even human resources and business management.

It can be difficult to gain freelance technical writing jobs without experience, so having an impressive portfolio of sample work is a must.  Writers should be thoroughly versed in technical communication and prepared for testing.  Employers and clients seeking a technical writer to work at home not only want to know that they are hiring a responsible professional, but also someone who enjoys learning the deep details of the field or subject matter about which they write.  Spreadsheets, flow-charts, and diagrams are often utilized in technical writing, so it is important to not only understand their function but also how use and manipulate the graphics involved.

With a good background in writing, an English degree, and the desire to write at home as a career or part time, writers will successfully earn money while fulfilling their goals.  The opportunities are there for those who seek them.

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Like with any dream job, it is not easy to get a foot in the door working from home. However, with enough effort, the process will become easier over time as you gain more knowledge about where to find the work you need to get.

Work at Home Stats:

Still not sure whether working at home is the way to go? Consider some of these stats:legitimate work from home job opportunities

  • Every 12 seconds, someone begins a new home business.
  • As of August 2012, there were 38 million businesses based at home in the United States.
  • Up to 70 percent of home businesses succeed in the first three years of establishing the company.
  • Up to 40 percent of home businesses need less than $5000 to get started.
  • Up to 35 percent of home businesses generate $125,000 every year.
  • Every year, home businesses generate an estimated $427 billion.[more…]

A few factors are the reason that home businesses have truly accelerated in terms of growth, such as the availability of technology like tablets, speedy PCs, smartphones and high-speed Internet connections. Some newer tools have contributed to this as well, such as Internet-based voice calling, SMS, instant messaging, video conferencing and room-based video calling.

Social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn have also provided a lower cost for networking when it comes to starting a small home business and when looking for other players in the industry who can help get you started. This also means there is less cost and risk involved with this process than with a regular business.

Finally, there is much less of a risk of losing your job while not having to lose money to employee benefit packages.

At the end of the day, there are plenty of legitimate work from home jobs for college students and legitimate work from home jobs for stay at home moms. However, it’s important to find the career that will work best for you.

Legitimate Work From Home Job Opportunities:

The following is a list of different work from home jobs that could be a viable option for stay at home moms and college students alike. Some of these careers may take a little extra money to get started, but some jobs require no additional investment and be worked on almost immediately with some valiant effort.

Affiliate Marketing:

One of the best means of getting money working on home, affiliate marketing is a practice of marketing where a business provides a reward for directing traffic to its site and having customers purchase products. It’s as simple as promoting a product that another person is selling and earning some money in return for it. The best part of this is that you do not need to come up with a product or any kind of customer service; all you need to do is have people link over to that product and buy it in order to receive your commission.

Data Entry:

Anybody with a computer and a connection to the Internet can get this done with a little keyboard skill. The reason that working a data entry job is so simple is because a company will tell you exactly what it requires of you and what you should do. Indeed, these do not pay quite as much as a writing or a proofreading job, but they are easier to get and hold onto.

Work From Home Content Writing Jobs

legitimate work from home job opportunities

Perhaps the most sought after work from home opportunities, there are two categories of writing available for those who work at home. The first category is the more basic of the two, providing jobs to write basic articles or rewrite existing ones to bypass plagiarism checkers, and the second category is more advanced as it requires sales copy, ghostwriting books or writing content for a website that serves as the authority of a subject. In both cases, the pay is good, though the more advanced category pays better.

Those passionate about writing and who have a natural talent for it will definitely want to get into the more advanced category to make the most for each word. Those interested in making some money while being new to the idea of writing will want to start off in the first category. In either case, being a writer on the Internet can easily bring money each month.

Proofreading Jobs:

So many people need proofreaders on the Internet, but there are few proofreaders these days, making it a lucrative market for job opportunities at home. Simply put, this person is required to find and correct errors like grammar and spelling on a written document prior to publication. In order to do this job, it is important to be proficient with spelling, grammar and English as well as top attention to detail. Those who enjoy reading will also find this job considerably easier to do as well. In addition, these jobs offer plenty of pay, especially for those who establish themselves as professionals.

Work From Home Virtual Assistant Jobs:

Many companies actively look to outsource to other countries to save money, but the United States has given these companies such backlash. Now call centers look for home users to pick up this slack, and it’s quite easy to operate this kind of career at home. Corporations also understand the benefit of going this route, especially as studies show home workers are more loyal and better educated. While the pay is not quite high, often starting at minimum, it can keep you busy.

Work From Home Translation Jobs:Work From Home Translation Jobs

Translators are the ones who either translate text or voice from its base language to a foreign language. It can be rather lucrative to look into this kind of career, especially if you know a language that is regularly in high demand for translation. However, if you do not have the language proficiency necessary, then it will take quite a while to gain the experience necessary for this job: learning at least two languages and sometimes earning a degree.

Medical Transcription:

Medical transcription outsourcing is when a hospital or doctor’s office will send work for medical transcription to those who work at home rather than having someone in the office complete the job. This is when someone prepares the notes a doctor’s writes into discharge papers and and reports for the emergency room. In most cases, it is easy to work from home since hospitals operate all 24 hours of a day.

Web Developer Jobs:

Finally, this is a job where an individual with the right skills can create websites from scratch from clients. Given the skill required, there is considerable pay to be found here, though there is heavy competition due to the lucrative market.

There are more and more people seeing the number of benefits that working at home brings, especially when living in such a difficult economy, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t look into the many different careers available for you at home as well. Take your precious time and your career into your own hands for a change and work for yourself in at least one of these fields to bring yourself a worthy income, or even some supplementary income to complement what you already bring home each week from your regular job out of your home.

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Opportunities Available to Stay at Home Moms

Once upon a time, the father was the breadwinner, and the stay at home mother had little in the way of job opportunities to occupy her time whilst watching over the children. Today, however, stay at home mothers are no longer charitable, obligatory pastimes unable to contribute to family finances.

The market is practically bursting with innovative, legitimate work from home jobs for stay at home moms — so much so that thousands of stay at home moms have already joined the workforce, prying open an exclusionary job market and creating a sizable demand for the perspective and flexibility of stay at home moms.

Legitimate Work From Home Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

Work from Home Job Ideas

Thanks in part to the endless frontiers of the World Wide Web, finding legitimate work as a stay at home mom isn’t as daunting as it might seem at first look. Returning to the work force could mean nothing more than booting up your computer and getting to work, or utilizing your status as a stay-at-home parent to freelance for internet columns seeking out the in-demand opinions and experiences of a productive stay at home parent.[more…]

What’s more, the social obligations and stigmas once attached to stay at home moms have been transformed into an unrecognizable and empowering pastime that gives the stay at home mom the benefit of a flexible schedule, parenting experience and all the time in the world to become an online entrepreneur. Many stay at home mothers have degrees, professional experience and an applicable skill-set, but even those moms without any professional references can find opportunities to make money in their spare time.

Although traditional daycare and babysitting opportunities still exist on a local level, the job market has become rife with countless more legitimate work from home jobs for stay at home moms. The internet in particular is the new frontier for ‘go-getter’ self-starters and entrepreneurs of relevant skill sets, and stay at home mothers with access to a computer may find the online frontier a perfect ‘marriage’ of convenience and accessibility.

Freelance Business Ideasbest work from home jobs for moms

Freelance businesses are popular career alternatives for anyone with a background in creative writing, typing, or any other suitable talent that can help you provide the necessary content for the necessary job.

‘Freelance business’ is an umbrella term that defines a broad variety of careers available for the stay at home parent, and the avenues which lead to these careers are limited only by a careful balance of imagination and application.
Blogging A Successful And Profitable Past Time

Artwork, photography, articles, writing columns, and monetized personal blogging have all been transformed into successful and profitable pastimes. Blogging houses some of the most popular success stories, and the current state of the industry is such that stay at home mothers have a built-in resource for interesting, relatable blog subjects involving family life, cooking, taking care of children, and even advice columns to teach other stay at home parents how to utilize their free time into productive work.

There are a number of ‘open source’ providers offering free blogging software, hosting, bandwidths and essential tools for getting your blog started, while the monetization of it can be as simple as introducing advertising onto the blog.

Numerous online job boards are dedicated entirely to those businesses actively seeking the opinions of stay at home mothers, transforming your parental obligation into a profitable venture and pointing you towards the best work from home jobs for moms.

Freelance Writing Jobs

Freelance Writing Jobs, Legitimate Work From Home Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

Many online businesses and established blogs are in need of content, and providing that content can also lead to a decent income. Content runs the online world, and many times the demand for content trumps any professional caution over the qualifications of the content provider, which ‘provides’ unique opportunities for unskilled workers to prove their talent and sell their writings at face value.

Part Time Work from Home Jobs for Moms

Many other businesses — especially those working in the clerical and office industries — frequently hire freelance writers to support an influx of data or format their interface, and this can lead to part time work from home jobs for moms. Although the pay scale for freelance workers is smaller than one would expect from the ‘offline’ workforce, one online opportunity leads to another online opportunity, which leads to another online opportunity, and it won’t be long before freelancing pay is increasing exponentially. Internet networking is often instantaneous and fast-working.

Selling Arts And Crafts Online

Stay at home moms with more experiences in arts and crafts can similarly channel that hobby towards profitable ends by selling their crafts online. There are a variety of websites that specialize in home crafts and exchange payment over services like Paypal. But the opportunities aren’t exclusive to the online world, and many stay at home moms have found success selling their crafts directly through social gatherings and local advertising.

Home business for stay at home mom

Nurturing a home business is no harder than debuting a new blog, and it mainly consists of gathering enough content or supplies to sustain the practice. There are numerous stories of stay at home moms who opened up a personalized home beauty service out of their home or a rented office and turned their beauty skills into a successful independent business serving local patrons at reasonable prices.

Acquiring the proper licensing for any endeavor is an important legal step to cementing the legitimacy of your new business, but the obtainment of beautician, aesthetician or other similar services is relatively inexpensive and accessible to the everyday mother.

The key to success is to focus on the raw materials that you can provide through your skill set and to minimize the amount of investments you will have to put into supplying and supplanting yourself with the requisite tools. Homes that have an internet connection and personal computer are tailor-made for online innovation because it costs little to nothing and utilizes an opportunity that is already paid for and present, while transforming your crafts or beauty knowledge into a successful service runs along similar lines. Stay at home moms with degrees in certain fields should also look into local tutoring programs, utilizing the ‘paid for and present’ degree to launch profit into a stay at home pastime.

Notary signing agent certification

One of the stranger professions suited to the schedule and resources of a stay at home mom involves the notary, and goes a long way in demonstrating the versatility of the job opportunities available to stay at home parents. With little more than a few preliminary training courses, a stay at home mother can certify herself as a notary signing agent and parlay that skill into a successful work at home career that transforms your computer desk into a notary office.

With so many opportunities available to entrepreneurs, it’s no wonder many young adults are becoming ‘stay at home’ workers themselves. The home is no longer a restraint on job potentiality, and stay at home moms can innovate their lifestyles in countless profitable ways.

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